Wild Horses

Information about history, education, tours, and photos of the wild horses in the northern Outer Banks.

Wild Horse Tours

There are several companies providing tours to see the Wild Horses in Carova. Our family really enjoyed our tour and we hear great feedback from others. Check the "Sunny Days" guides in the Visitor Center or grocery store for coupons. Certain days of the week have cheaper rates too.

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Wild Horses of Corolla

The Northernmost portion of the Outer Banks is home to about 100 wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs. It is believed that the herd came to the Outer Banks nearly 500 years ago and were likely left behind by Spanish explorers who evacuated after multiple attacks by Native Americans.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund was formed to conserve and protect these Outer Banks treasures. CEHF has children's activities throughout the summer such as live mustang visits and art activities. Visit their museum for touch exhibits for children, a map of the horses's range, & talk with staff. They also have a gift shop that sales help fund efforts to preserve and protect the horses.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund

520B Old Stoney Rd

Corolla, NC 27927


*Many details for this story where taken from the CWHF website. The photo above is my own.*

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